Five Reasons Your Direct Selling Company Needs A Custom App NOW


Can your distributors even find you in the app store? If the answer is no, then continue reading.
Here are the 5 reasons why your direct selling company needs a custom app NOW:

1. To become visible—and available—to both customers and distributors 24 hours a day.

Modern society is impatient, and if you move at a snail’s pace, you will be left in the dust.

To stand out from the competition, your company has to be visible and available at all times. The more responsive you are, the better.

A good app can do this for you—and more. More importantly, it can prevent distributors from slipping through the cracks by creating engagement, which is something that’s almost impossible to do if you don’t use technology.

2. To boost productivity

Just think about it: If your distributors can increase their daily activities with even a single action, like a follow-up call to customers, what would its impact be on your revenue over the long run?

It’ll increase productivity for sure.

A well-designed app is like a constant call-to-action for distributors. It makes them take practical measures in the moment and it tells them what they can do NOW.
It trains them to always be thinking about how they can convert their leads and what action steps they can take.

A simple follow-up through the app can turn a potential customer into an actual one.

3. To educate new distributors

Seminars are good and all, but they are time-consuming because the consultants have to travel. Sometimes their schedules don’t allow them to attend all of the personal training from your company.

Even worse, one-time training events are easy to forget. It’s what we do constantly with daily reinforcement that sticks in our brains.

Direct selling is typically a fast-paced niche, and the quicker consultants learn about the products, the better. A custom-tailored direct selling app can have training tools and videos to help rookies learn on the go.

They can study the products wherever they are. And because everything is accessible, recruits can quickly check the app if they need to validate or confirm a product detail.

4. To lure in Millennials and Generation Z.

Millennials are all over cutting-edge tech and devices.

If your company aims to target a younger demographic, it’s a no-brainer why you need to present your products on mobile. It is like the native language of the two youngest generations.

These generations are always on the go, so it follows that they want to be a part of a niche that can go toe-to-toe with their pace.

Most millennials and members of Gen Z make their decision when they see tools that can help them succeed. A mobile app is a powerful way to convey the sustainability of the company and how the brand can support their needs.

5. To build a stronger brand recognition.

A custom-tailored direct selling app that is offered on both the Apple and Google app stores inherently establishes trust. And that precious trust can be transferred to your company by association.

It makes you look modern and professional.

Apps on mobile for direct selling companies are now a necessity. I urge you to get an app for your business and get it NOW.