How Direct Selling Is Making the World a Better Place


For years, direct selling companies have empowered countless individuals worldwide.

Though direct selling might have once had a bad reputation, the core values that power these companies are practical for plenty of individuals, especially women who want to thrive without having to sacrifice their existing priorities and responsibilities.

Not to mention, in direct sales, you’re previous experience or education only plays a small role in what you’re able to earn or achieve.

Here, you get a clean slate. You become part of a community that will help you learn and grow.

It’s the little things that direct selling companies do to help individuals that ultimately make a big difference in our communities.

Here are some of the ways in which direct selling has made the world a better place.

Provides Jobs to Local Communities

There are companies like Trades of Hope that employ artisans from all over the world. By joining this company, you get to earn at least 25% of your sales, while you help improve the lives of the poor around the world.

As you build your business, somewhere around the world, a woman also earns an income.

As you become a compassionate entrepreneur, you empower women to attain safe working conditions, financial stability, education, and more.

Empowers Stay-at-Home Parents to Make Money

Direct selling offers flexible working hours. You are your own boss, so it’s all up to you to decide when you want to work.

That means you can earn the money you need and still be able to attend your child’s ballet recital or soccer game.

For that reason, many stay-at-home parents, especially mothers who gave up their careers to raise their children, participate in our direct selling partnerships.

Joining direct sales puts you in charge of your own success.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s every man or woman for himself or herself.

In Direct Selling you are part of a bigger community that will continue to encourage you and support your endeavors.

One example of this support is Kalaia, a company the provides organic beauty products.

One percent of all their sales go to a charitable program that supports female entrepreneurs. Through microloans, they are able to help hardworking women kick-start their own businesses and be successful with Kalaia at the same time.

Supports Philanthropic Activities

Most direct selling companies take part in philanthropic activities.

Many direct selling companies give financial or product donations or support their consultants’ own charitable efforts.

Apart from Kalaia and Trades of Hope other businesses like Maskcara Beauty support child adoption education and groups.

There are also those that seek to end domestic violence or promote confidence-building programs and several other causes that consultants support with the assistance of their companies.

We can only assume that this emphasis on community building is due to the fact that this trade is mainly about creating relationships.

Sure, there may still be a few that focus solely on profits, but a lot of direct selling organizations these days empower independent consultants to expand their own networks, teaching them that in order to lift oneself up, you need to do the same for others.