How to Make Your Fast Start Program Sing


When it comes to recruiting people in the direct sales and network marketing industry to join your team, the faster you move the better. However, many forget the importance of training their new recruits and expanding their downline with future leaders. If your company has a fast start program, make sure you encourage all new team members to take advantage of this great program to jump-start their new business. Here are a few suggestions on how to turn your fast start program into a great experience:

Hold their hand.

During this critical period, it is important that your recruit not become discouraged. First impressions are important after all, so be there for them through every step of their training. If they have any questions, answer them, and walk them through everything if you can. Teach them the basics of selling if they are unfamiliar, and introduce them to some key concepts—for example, you will want to tell them about your products and what makes them special.

Help them to see a deeper purpose.

Believe it or not, money isn’t actually that motivating to people. Sure, they will scramble to put together enough cash to pay their bills, but after that, you may find that your recruit will stagnate and become disinterested.

In order to avoid this from happening, you should try to instill a deeper sense of purpose in your recruit from the beginning. Ask them why they got into sales in the first place. Ask them what their goals in life are and what they want to accomplish, and what all of the money is really for in concrete terms. Then, throughout their training or even afterwards, remind them every once in awhile of why they joined the company in the first place. A sense of purpose helps to keep them on track with their own party plan and MLM business.

Show them the psychology of recruiting others.

Teach them both the theory and practice of getting others into the business. There are lots of techniques out there, but show them just a few key tactics and follow up with a theory that unifies them. For example, you can use mobile applications like Krato ( to show your new recruits how offering free valuable information, unique products and a business opportunity can attract prospects. You can also show them how giving out samples or leveraging promotions when the prospect is considering signing up will increase conversions.

Help them make sense of their starter kit.

Once they have signed all of the papers, gone through the initial training, and are waiting for their kit, don’t leave them in the dust! Now that they have all the tools they need in their hands, show them how to use them. At Krato (, we suggest you have them go through a mock presentation with a virtual mobile mentor, and assist them in tweaking their sales pitch.

The main principle to keep in mind here when putting new recruits through your Direct Sales and network marketing program is to do everything you can to keep them motivated early. Try to anticipate obstacles and remove them from the path before your recruit has a chance to get discouraged, and they will feel more confident once they’re finally out there in the real world.