No Mobile App? Here’s What Direct Selling Companies Are Missing Out On by Not Going Mobile


Smartphones are here to stay.

With over 80% of Internet users using mobile devices, it’s clear that businesses need to include mobile in their marketing strategies.

Mobile apps provide one way for companies to participate in the mobile sphere.

Research shows that US consumers spend approximately five hours each day on mobile devices, with 92% of that time spent on apps.

This tells us that the mobile app industry presents huge potential for companies, including direct selling companies.

Mobile apps drive mobile usage

According to Flurry Analytics, about 50% of the time that US consumers spend on mobile devices is spent on social, messaging, media, and entertainment apps.

The rest of the time is divided among apps for gaming, utilities, lifestyle and shopping, productivity, and others. While social media apps still reign supreme, they only account for about half of mobile device user’s time on apps, leaving 2.5 hours available for exploring new apps.

Direct selling companies need to recognize this opportunity to go mobile, otherwise they risk missing out on great opportunities.

Advantages of having a direct selling app

Direct selling apps give companies many advantages when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

More engagement with distributors

Having a mobile app for your direct selling company means that you can engage more with your distributors.

Communication becomes easier, which means that you become more efficient in your transactions. This also makes it easy for distributors to receive updates from the company, whether it’s a price change, a promo, or a policy change.

Encourages more distributors to join

When your company has a dedicated mobile app for distributors, it signals to potential partners that you care about them enough to provide an easy and convenient way for them to join your company.

Direct selling apps provide practicality not just for the business, but also for the partners—maybe even more so for them, especially for individual distributors who do not have a team to help them manage the business.

Provides your company with an edge over competitors

Did you know that 40% of users would switch to another provider if they have a bad mobile experience? Don’t let that happen to you. Get yourself a great direct selling app like Krato and give your competitors a run for their money.

Builds brand recognition and fosters loyalty

Having an easy-to-use app keeps your distributors and customers involved with your brand, cultivating loyalty and brand recognition.

It has a different effect than mass marketing and advertising, which people sometimes overlook and don’t really feel connected to. A direct selling app installed right on their phones is more personal and will make them truly feel like they are part of the company.

More cost-effective

A mobile app can greatly reduce your operating costs by providing a streamlined online platform for your distributors to conduct their business. This means less mailing expenses, less staff work, and increased efficiency.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities for your direct selling company to benefit from mobile apps. Commerce trends are now leaning toward mobile, so make sure your company doesn’t get left behind. Invest now in a direct selling app for your distributors, and start reaping the rewards.