Accelerate Momentum With Mobile Training and Instant Recognition


A major part of behavior modification in the Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing industry is giving your field the kind of recognition that they want.

Feeling accomplished and recognized is a huge source of positive reinforcement for most people, and it’s certainly not something that you will want to overlook in both your training plan and your post-training reward system…

…It is central in keeping your direct selling team engaged.

If you are waiting for an event to recognize the hard work of your distributors, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Remember, people crave for recognition. Don’t wait to recognize your team two, three, four months after an achievement. Do it fast to reward and incentivize the right behaviors.

We know, building a reward schedule that is applied consistently can be tough, however…

You’re unlikely to be hanging over the shoulder of every single person on your team, waiting to give them a high five and a gold star every time they do something right.

This is why it’s so important to leverage technology and allow it to apply these small, effective rewards every step of the way.

Today, most people check their email at least 1-3 times per day. They login to their social media accounts multiple times. Send and receive message on constant basis. They listen to audio recordings (better if they listen to your training). They make purchases using their phone.

You can’t ignore this huge opportunity.

Here are some ideas on how you might apply these principles with your sales team using mobile technology:

Reward Every Step in the Right Direction

Let’s say you have a goal that you want to reach by a certain time. For example, increase your sales volume.

What do members of your sales team need to do for your company to be able to accomplish this goal?

Isolate those specific actions and reward them every time they accomplished the task.

Using the sales volume example, you could send automatic mobile messages that congratulate your recruits on every sale they make. You might even offer them an electronic gift card or a similar reward after a certain level.

When the recruit is training, you should similarly recognize and reward every step in the right direction. Notify the recruit of their small success every time they finish a lesson, for instance.

Make the Recognition Public (this is important)

You might have a leader board built into your company’s app that constantly displays who is at the “top,” bringing in the most sales or the most recruits.

People like to be recognized publicly and will compete fiercely to avoid losing their standing.

 Recognize Effort and Time

Ideally you want to reward results, however, you might also want to reward time and effort spent in and of itself. This is critical in training, where your new recruit will have to be guided through a learning experience that doesn’t produce any obvious outward results just yet, but it can also be applied to long-time sales associates of your company.

You an also offer gifts and awards to those who stay with your company for 3, 6, 12 months.

Give them a virtual badge that will be apparent to them every time they open your mobile app.

Offer More Than Words

It’s great to give your field praise in the form of kind words, such as an encouraging personalized text message every once in awhile, but that will only go so far.

It’s much more effective to give recognition that has a bit more substance. Consider giving bonuses automatically when a sales representative has reached a certain milestone.

Giving recognition for a job well done to your sales team is extremely important, so choose a mobile solution like the Krato Journey App ( that has these sorts of reward systems built in.