Resources & Sharable Content to Stay on Brand


Maintaining a consistent brand image and values is critical for companies, especially those in social selling, direct sales, and network marketing. When hundreds and thousands of people represent a brand, providing them with on-brand content to share is essential. This is where Krato comes in, offering shareable resources such as videos, images, and documents for companies to distribute to their sales representatives.

By providing access to up-to-date information about products, services, and sales strategies, companies can improve the performance of their sales teams and increase overall revenue. Krato’s shareable resources feature comes with analytics and tracking tools, enabling companies to monitor the usage of the resources and make necessary adjustments to their training and support strategies.

Another fantastic feature of Krato is the before-and-after template, which allows companies to control the content being put out by their distributors. By providing a custom before-and-after template, users can click the template and add their photos, which can be branded with the company logo. They can then share these images directly on social media or save them for later use.

In conclusion, the shareable resources feature on Krato is an invaluable asset for companies looking to enhance their sales team’s performance and maintain a cohesive brand image. By providing on-brand resources and templates, companies can improve their sales and brand image while maintaining control over the content being put out by their distributors.