Tips for Direct Selling During the Holidays


There are two types of direct selling companies during the holidays:

1) those who take a break during Christmas time, and

2) those who press the accelerator during the holiday season.

Go for the latter.

After all, the Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for sales. And direct selling during the holidays is always a hit!

Here are some tips to make the most out of direct selling during the holidays:

1. Create a system for holiday marketing ahead of time.

The secret to achieving the success you want during the holidays is creating a calendar right NOW!

In fact, the start of fall is the best time to plan your holiday when it comes to direct sales.

Block out dates for vendor events and any holiday function that can showcase your goods. Be serious and proactive about boosting your sales during this critical time.

Make sure to carve time for your direct sellers, too.

You can either do one-on-one meet-ups or organize a holiday get-together for all. They’re part of your community, so treat them a little! This is an excellent opportunity to encourage them to push harder even when everybody else seems to slow down. It’s also a good opportunity to thank them for their hard work.

2. Think outside the (gift) box.

Be creative.

Don’t just copy what everyone else is doing, when the holidays offer so many different opportunities.

A lot of people go nuts over the holidays. Match their enthusiasm and give them ways to make the holidays even better through your products. Make it easy for both your direct sellers to market the products and your customers to shop for them.

Use an app to make special holiday incentives (for sellers) and discounts (for clients).

3. Optimize your app.

Having a direct selling app makes things a lot easier for your direct sellers. It also helps to keep them engaged.

Using the app, remind them to follow up on their customers and leads. Don’t let them lose sight of the goal, especially when so many people are in a “buying mode.”

Keep it fresh, too. As a holiday special, you can feature one gift idea each day that they can market to their clients.

Send them notifications if there are new pieces of content they can use. Give them daily tasks to be more productive.

4. Harness the Power of Social Media

More than ever, social media use is vital for direct selling during the holidays.

Online users go to various social platforms to make their holiday shopping hassle-free. All the more reason to make your online presence stronger! Use social media channels to highlight your products, and emphasize your special holiday offerings.

Facebook and Instagram are great places to market your products. Try new social media platforms and experiment with different audiences.

Also, don’t forget to create new content for the company blog. Share tips with your distributors.

For example, you can discuss how to work and enjoy the holidays at the same time. Make sure that you close all your content with a call-to-action that motivates your distributors to be more productive.

5. Follow up!

Don’t let any seller, client, or order fall by the wayside.

By rolling the red carpet out for your clients, you make them feel like VIPs. That goes a long way toward encouraging them to do business with your company. Let them know that they’re still on your mind.

The same thing goes for your distributors.

When you follow up, even just to say hi, it’ll make them feel appreciated. It means you’re rooting for their success and that you haven’t abandoned them, even during this hectic season.

Besides, if you keep in touch and have a good cheer to spread, Santa will be sure to put you on the “good” list!

Follow these tips and get explosive results with direct selling during the holidays!