Why Direct Selling Companies Must Go Mobile


Mobile Internet use is now ubiquitous in our society, and people tend to spend a lot more time in front of their phones than their home computers. While the benefits of this constant need for connectivity is arguable in general, there is no doubt that in direct sales—where time is often of the essence—having a strong mobile presence is a huge advantage. In fact, as competitive pressure mounts, you may find yourself having no choice but to go mobile very soon. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t fight this current, and instead embrace our mobile future:

“Tell ’em quick and tell ’em often.”

This was the mantra of William Wrigley Jr. when it came to his advertising strategy. What worked to turn his chewing gum business into an empire can also help increase customer (and distributors) retention for your field. More than ever, in a world of short attention spans, following up with your customers with a quick reminder ever so often is much more effective than demanding large chunks of their time. Mobile App provider Krato (krato.com) believes people will pay attention to a short text that they can scan in a few seconds, but will put off reading a landing page or brochure that is 600 words long.

You need to recruit millennials.

Say what you might say about this “lazy” and “over-privileged” generation, but a huge aspect of direct sales or network marketing businesses is the need to recruit young people. To appeal to these folks who grew up with mobile phones, you are going to have to speak their language and give them the tools that they are used to using in their personal life. Offer apps for them to be able to take a quick look at their stats and analytics, consume training and mentoring, and give them the means to be able to recognize the people in their down-line easily.

Constant support.

What better way to improve the retention of recruits than by giving them a constant, direct line to a virtual mentor? We all know our experienced salespeople are stretched thin spending a lot of their time mentoring their down-line. Mobile tool sets like the Journey Mobile app from Krato (krato.com) give everyone in the field a virtual mentor who is supporting them every step of the way as they build their business.

Your field will move forward anyway, with or without you.

No matter how much we want to resist it sometimes, times change. Whether you choose to go mobile now or later or never, the field of Party Plan and MLM companies will be moving in that direction. Unless you want to become uncompetitive and less able to bring in new recruits and customers, you are going to have to keep up with the times.

At Krato (krato.com), we believe mobile technology is here to stay, and it can greatly increase the ease and convenience of communications. As our society trends towards this “always connected” ideal, you would do well to take advantage of its many applications. Mobile tools can make it much easier to stay in touch with new recruits and customers, and can help boost your revenue over the long-term.