3 reasons New Direct Selling Companies Struggle With Software

Who Is Managing Your Back Office CRM?


System Administrators Not Familiar with Backoffice

With limited resources available, Direct Selling startups struggle with managing their backoffice CRM system and the many other integrated systems needed to operate a successful business. It is difficult to hire system administrators internally who are familiar with your backoffice CRM software. To make matters more challenging, system administrators salaries are rising fast, so retention becomes difficult.

Missing Out On Maximizing Your Current Platforms and Integrations

Because of the difficulty in finding a system administrator that understands both the industry and your backoffice CRM, the company often misses out on fully utilizing the platform. By having a system administrator that understands the direct selling industry and has utilized the software prior, they can maximize all functionality available. Oftentimes, companies don’t know the full capabilities of their system and underutilize the software that can help them grow.

Unnecessarily Overpaying for Custom Development

Without the knowledge of your backoffice CRM, you become particularly vulnerable to unnecessary development costs. Not knowing the system’s capabilities, you will rely on your software provider to help, thus paying high development costs. Having a system administrator that knows how to fully utilize the system will keep your costs down and help get your development completed in a timely manner. 

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