Now that you have your backoffice, who handles future development?


Congratulations, after all the demos and sales pitches, you have finally found your backoffice CRM provider. Over the next few months you will work to get your website up and running and launch live to the masses. But what happens in 6 months when you want to redesign your shopping cart? How about that new piece of functionality you want to launch? How will you find a development team that not only understands the industry, but understands your software?

ThinkBoxHQ has been providing custom development work for years in the direct selling industry. Here are two reasons you need to hire a development team that understands the direct selling industry.

More Than E-Commerce

Running a direct selling business goes far beyond just selling products to a customer. With multiple customer types, subscribe and save programs, distributor relationships, it’s key to have a development team that understands the industry and how it works. Any piece of new functionality will touch multiple parts of your business from order calculation, customer and distributor relationship and the commission engine. Understanding these aspects allows for error free development from the start.

Understanding Backoffice CRM Providers

Backoffice CRM providers are a specialized platform that allows you to run most aspects of your business. When looking to do custom development on top of those platforms, it’s important to engage with a developer who has experience with the database and API’s. At ThinkBoxHQ we have worked on over a dozen backoffice CRM providers, building custom functionality to help business grow. Relationships and experience makes the process smooth and efficient. 

Are you ready to start outsourcing your development?

ThinkBoxHQ can help you take advantage of the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing so you can meet your business goals and succeed.

Our U.S.-based management team coordinates with our network of trusted developers in Argentina to provide a development outsourcing experience that you’ll be happy with. Our consistent team of developers is thoroughly vetted and approved.

Our goal is to make development fast, easy, and affordable for you.