Why Argentina?

Your Quick Guide to Outsourcing Development


Everywhere you look, companies are outsourcing their development needs.

If you’re not outsourcing yet, you may be falling behind by pouring money into payroll or expensive U.S-based contracts.

Then again, it’s easy to get burned by outsourcing. You can end up with just as much expense, more frustration, and subpar deliverables.

When should you consider outsourcing your development?

There are three signs that outsourcing may be right for your company.

1. You need flexible and scalable capacity.

Every company today needs a top-notch website, e-commerce platform, or app. Are you going to hire a full-time developer or team of developers to create those for you? Sure, there are benefits to having a local development team: for example, you have their time and attention 40 hours a week in your office. But that means you have to pay them full-time wages and overhead too, which gets very pricey. What if you could get the development support you need, when you need it, and then offload it when you don’t? That’s where outsourcing comes in.

2. You need to cut or limit expenses.

Developers are expensive. Your rate for experienced web developers in the U.S. could easily be in the mid-$150,000s and even up to $220,000 or more per year. That doesn’t include payroll expenses, benefits, office perks, and the time it takes to manage another employee. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for every $2.24 an employee earns in wages, the employer pays an additional $1.00 in other costs. So you could easily save 30% on payroll taxes and benefits alone by outsourcing.

3. You need access to more talent.

Top-tier developers operate in a highly competitive job market, and you may not be able to attract one to your company. Whether it’s your location, your industry, your compensation plan, or simply the competitiveness of the market, you might find top developers looking the other way when you call. Plus, as you build your company, you may need to invest your limited resources in other areas, such as operations, finance, or legal support. That might prevent you from being able to invest in an in-house development team. That’s where outsourcing can bring huge benefits. You can draw on the expertise of highly qualified developers without having to make room for them on staff. And you can take advantage of the diversity of talent out there at the exact time you need it.

Are you ready to start outsourcing your development?

ThinkBoxHQ can help you take advantage of the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing so you can meet your business goals and succeed.

Our U.S.-based management team coordinates with our network of trusted developers in Argentina to provide a development outsourcing experience that you’ll be happy with. Our consistent team of developers is thoroughly vetted and approved.

Our goal is to make development fast, easy, and affordable for you.