Gamified Training


    Training can be static and boring when it is just written materials and no additional fun to the objective. Gamifying the experience is a learning approach that uses game design elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, to engage and motivate learners. A gamified direct-selling training module within a mobile app can be effective for various types of products to help educate, teach, and guide your field on direct selling best practices, as well as knowing more about the company’s mission. 

    We have compiled three major reasons to consider gamifying your training today to ensure distributors aren’t only educated about the company, but also motivated to work their business. By having the training data along with the gamified training, there are lots of stats and tracking that can be done to understand just how much is being learned and used. 

    Increase Engagement & Motivation 

    With the millions of mobile apps that are available by incorporating game design elements, keep the users visiting the app because it’s fun, engaging, and enjoyable. When while they are going through the training, they are motivated to complete various tasks about direct sales and compensation plans and to learn more about the company’s mission because they are earning points, badges, and rewards. Imagine the number of users in the direct selling industry that are motivated by rewards, recognition, etc. This is just what some people need to get the ball rolling for their direct-selling business. 


    Users that feel included and are knowledgeable stay with a company longer. By having gamified training, you can immerse the distributors in knowing more about what the company offers and providing content to share. By using game-like elements to reinforce learning, such as rewards for completing tasks or challenges, gamified training can help learners to remember and apply what they have learned in real-world situations.

    Tracking & Measuring

    In addition, gamified training can be a useful tool for tracking and measuring learner progress and performance. Many gamified training platforms include analytics and reporting features that allow trainers and learners to see how well they are doing and identify areas for improvement.

    Overall, gamified training is a powerful learning approach that can help to engage and motivate learners, promote learning retention and transfer, and track and measure learner progress. It is a valuable tool for educators and trainers looking to create more interactive and effective learning experiences.