Mobile App Streamline & Duplication


    A mobile app can be a valuable tool for a direct selling company, providing a convenient and easy-to-use platform for salespeople to manage their business and for customers to browse and purchase products. There are various reasons to have a mobile app, but below, you will find three main reasons our clients love it for their field and customers. 


    Create a simple process for distributors to reap the benefits of a duplicatable system that helps them streamline their sales process. Distributors can use the app to view and manage their sales, place orders, and track their progress. Plus, share content, go through training, templates, and more. The best part is this process doesn’t have to be boring. Adding fun perks, badges and rewards make using the mobile app more fun! Plus we haven’t forgotten about the loyal customers. You can even streamline their experience by having tiles and an app where they can easily browse products, place orders, and make payments, making it easier for salespeople to close deals and increase their sales.

    Communication & Collaboration 

    In direct sales, community plays a huge role in why people are attracted to a company. Improve communication and collaboration by using the app to connect distributors to their team members, share their experiences, have resources and information, and a way to get support and guidance. Having these assets available for the distributors helps build a strong sense of community and support, which can be especially important for those working independently or who don’t have the support they need from their upline. 

    Marketing Tool 

    When thinking of a marketing strategy, a mobile app typically isn’t top of mind. However, a mobile app can be used to promote products, push out notifications, share news, special offers, and private discounts, and engage with customers through push notifications and other features.

    To wrap things up, a mobile app can be a valuable asset for a direct selling company, helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process to ensure the process is duplicatable and accessible to everyone in the field. Having this platform allows you to provide a convenient platform for distributors and customers to connect and interact. Schedule a FREE demo with us today to begin developing your mobile app.