How Can You Use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Your Direct Selling Business?


If you pay any attention to artificial intelligence and other trendy tech developments, you know that A.I. is already in heavy use by businesses today.

Most of the time, you might not even notice it as a consumer. Are you viewing suggested products on Amazon? Has Netflix proposed some movies that you are “likely” to enjoy? These are all examples.

Big companies have long used artificial intelligence, but with recent advances in A.I., the technology has now made the leap to companies of all sizes. Whether it’s making your buying experience more personalized or offering automated customer support, artificial intelligence makes business more efficient for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence – Huge Asset To Direct Selling Companies

These improvements can also serve as a huge asset to direct selling companies in particular, automating previously labor-intensive tasks.

Artificial intelligence in direct selling can be leveraged to collect and analyze data about the customer, deliver highly intelligent automated customer service, and predict when re-stocking products will be necessary.

Specialized artificially intelligent bots can now parse information from customers, offer solutions, and help both distributors and consumers choose which products are best for them. Best of all, the interface is human-centric, and advanced chatbots like these can speak very naturally with the customer.

If you’re worried that this technology still isn’t developed enough to offer a seamless experience, consider this: huge companies like Google and Facebook are currently in the midst of developing this technology even further.

Yes, it is true that bots can misunderstand people and make mistakes, but isn’t the same true for a human?

The difference is that chatbots can work 24 hours a day, are never in a bad mood, and can deliver the same standardized information equally to every person who asks.

The emergence of A.I. is not some weird or crazy imaginary tech from Hollywood. At its core, it’s a simple technology whose advancement has be compounding for many years. Moreover, artificial intelligence has already completely changed the world behind the scenes, and is used for scientific data processing and many other important applications.

The next frontier is A.I. interaction with everyday people. The likes of SIRI and other similar bots have offered a completely different way of interfacing with common devices, and consumer technology will continue to trend in this direction.

This is a natural progression of technology from the early days of web, to mobile apps, and now to machine learning and A.I.

Think about this:

Artificially intelligent chatbots can’t forget information and can’t get tired, unlike their (much more expensive) human counterparts. It just makes financial sense.

Consumers are hungry for quick and easy to access answers. They don’t care if they’re speaking to a human on the other side. They want to read less and yet get more information.

A chatbot who can communicate like a human, showing emotion and imagery while it sifts through data for the customer, will help businesses appear more approachable.

Imagine a personalized chatbot who understands and remembers a specific customer’s wants, needs, and communication style. This is the future. This is not only what customers want, but it is also what will boost a company’s ability to collect better analytics and increase sales through more effective marketing.

As company leaders, we have a unique opportunity to leverage these amazing new technologies in direct selling to get closer to our customers, drive buying behaviors, and deliver an experience that will leave our competitors behind.

Brian Palmer
Krato CEO