A Missing Opportunity For Most Direct Selling Companies


Most direct selling companies are not taking full advantage of online marketing.

As a result, they are missing out on sales and growth.

Here’s the biggest problem:

99% of the direct selling companies don’t do what I’m about to show you.

But you know what? It’s exactly because they don’t do this that the opportunity for the rest of us is huge.

What is the opportunity they’re missing?


Retargeting? What is retargeting?

Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a kind of online advertising that allows you to target people who have visited your site before.

You want some examples of companies that are using it?

Remember the last time you went to Amazon.com and you didn’t buy a product? Did you notice that suddenly images of the item started to show up on your Facebook newsfeed? Maybe you might have even seen ads for the product on other websites.

It wasn’t just a coincidence that the product showed up after you left the store; it was Amazon deliberately retargeting you as a customer. It’s HIGHLY effective if done correctly.

How Do You Implement
This in Direct Selling?

I’m glad you asked.

Most visitors to your website won’t sign up as new representatives or purchase a product the first time they visit. That’s just a fact of life. People often aren’t committed the first time they realize that a product exists.

However, just because they didn’t purchase the first time they landed on your site, doesn’t mean they won’t purchase in a few weeks. Sometimes all that they need is more exposure and information.

Let’s say that a distributor shares her website on social media and 20 of her friends click the link. They all view the products and the opportunity, and only one of them buys. 19 leave the site without making a purchase at all.

Here’s what you can do:

You set a retargeting campaign to make them come back to the site.

Let’s say those 19 visitors view the product. Their eyeballs have already been exposed to images of what you’re selling, and these images stay in the back of their minds. They only need to be reminded.

You bring them back in the next few days with content marketing. Think of it as useful information they need to make the next step.

You can:

– Show the benefits of the product.
– Link back to the same product.
– Offer a video where you show the ingredients of the product.

Or if you’re promoting the opportunity, you can:

– Show an article on the benefits of a home-based business.
– Show them a video of the latest leadership trip. Make it look fun.
– Post a quick recap of the last conference.

With this information, you have the opportunity to bring them back to your site, but most importantly…

You will always be on their mind.

Not only that, but your distributors will feel excited about the cross-promotion because, when the prospect decides to sign up, it will be under them.

When your distributor posts again on social media, now the prospect might contact them directly, asking them to have a serious conversation about the product or opportunity.

To Stay the Same is to Stay Behind

Let go of the past. What worked 30 years ago might not be as effective in this technological era. You have to adapt and you have to do it quickly if you want to continue to grow.

You’re going to need a solid online strategy that makes smart use of retargeting to get the most out of your audience.

If you need help creating an online strategy, contact the Krato Marketing Team.