3 Facebook Marketing Campaigns All Direct Selling Companies Should Implement


There’s an old saying…

“It cost more money to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer.”

I’ll bet that you already knew that. Today, we will show you how you can retain more customers and distributors in your direct selling business using Facebook.

The problem is that most distributors lack follow-up skills. They might sign up a few partners, but they quickly forget to follow up and show them how to build their business. Similarly, they might get a new customer, but they didn’t fully educate them on the benefits of the products.

For this reason, most people stop building the business or stop buying the products. This turns the distributor’s down-line into a dead end.

What Can You Do to Help Them
Grow Their Business?

Simple: You set up Facebook marketing campaigns to support them.

Why Facebook?

There’s a high probability that your customers and distributors have a Facebook profile.

With Facebook, you can build highly-targeted campaigns and reach specific sets of users.

For example, you can build an ad that will be specifically shown to your distributors, but not to your customers. That’s powerful.

Not only that, but when you run this campaign, you make your distributors’ jobs easier when presenting the opportunity or the product.


It comes down to the social factor. If a distributor shares your post and someone who is not familiar with your company sees the content, she might not do anything at all.

However, if she hears a friend mention your company a few days later, she might say…

“You know, I’ve heard about that product on Facebook. I think I saw something about this business. Tell me more.”

It’s simple branding 101. You expose your audience to the same message several times, and eventually it will stick. After that, your distributors now have an easier job presenting the company because it is familiar to people.

Here Are The 3 Facebook Marketing Campaigns Every Direct Selling Company Should Implement

1. Distributor Campaigns

Distributors are the lifeblood of any direct selling business. The tighter the communication between the company and the distributors, the greater the chance for success.

The objective of this campaign is to close the communication gap between you and your distributors. Here, you can show them tips on how to have success in their business or share the current promotion with them.

For example:

You can show them how they can help personally sponsored distributors reach X rank and qualify for the car program.


You can share a video from your sales director that instructs distributors on how to build a sustainable business.

This campaign is one of the most important if you want to grow your direct selling business.

An email campaign has an open rate of only about 10%.

Because of this, a new distributor might not know how to explain the current promotion to their new personally sponsored distributor or they might not have the authority.

When you set up this campaign, you are taking control of conveying the right information to your distributors.

Can you imagine how powerful this campaign can be for your business?

2. The New Customer Campaign

Most new customers don’t have all of your product information. With this campaign, you can educate them about the benefits of a specific product. You can go even further…

You can have a video explaining how a product works.
You can have an instructional video on how to take advantage of a special package.
You can give them information on why they should be consistent using the products.

A customer may buy from a distributor one time, but if the distributor doesn’t follow up, it will be the only time she buys from her. For this reason, if you follow up systematically, you increase your opportunity for the customer to continue buying from you.

If a distributor feels that you have their back on the follow-up for new customers, then they will be more excited to sponsor even more customers.

3. New Product Launch Campaign

Even though you won’t be doing this campaign daily, it is extremely powerful when done right.

When you launch a new product, you rely on the launch event. You trust that your distributors will spread the news to their customers, and you might do some email marketing—but is that enough to successfully launch a product?

Here’s how you maximize your effort with a new product launch campaign.

First, about a week before the product launch, you set a Facebook campaign to create buzz.

You can have multiple posts, videos, and images saying…

“Something new is coming….”
“On X date we will make history with the upcoming announcement….”
“Can you guess what we’ll be announcing on X date?”

Keep things a bit mysterious. Tease them and make them curious.

Once you launch the product, you create another campaign informing all of your distributors and customers about the new product:

“The wait is over!”
“The new product is here!”
“Buy it now!”
“It’s at a special price!”

When you do this, you create an expectation and excitement among your team. They start sharing the post, helping you reach new audiences. When you launch the campaign, it will grow even bigger.

Bonus Campaign

Customer and Distributors Lookalike

In Facebook, there’s a feature where you can upload your customer and distributors list. From there, Facebook creates a “lookalike audience.” In other words, it will create an audience similar to the list that you just uploaded.

Why is this important?

You are seeding the next generation of distributors and customers.

In this campaign, you don’t go around saying, “Join our company! We are the best!” Never do that.

Here’s what you do instead:

You create education-based content for this audience.

Think of sharing a video about your product ingredients, or a video about the benefits of starting a home-based business.

The possibilities are endless.

It is a lot of work, we know, but if you want to continue growing your business, social media is a channel that you must master.

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