How Automation Can Increase the Performance of Your Direct Selling Business


It’s no secret that many businesses and companies have slowly shifted to automating many of their functions, particularly in sales and marketing.

Automation speeds up menial tasks, increasing productivity.

It disrupts the business industry, but in a way that streamlines processes and enhances efficiency to improve performance.

Automation for direct selling companies is likewise beneficial for more reasons than one. If you run a direct selling business, you might want to consider the benefits that automation can provide.

Automation can help increase sales

While automation cannot make a sales pitch to a potential customer, it can handle many sales representatives’ routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments, reminding representatives of their upcoming appointments, updating inventories, and sending detailed reports.

With these routine tasks taken care of by automation, distributors are free to focus on actually selling the products to customers.

There will be fewer human errors overall, and distributors can be more efficient and productive.

It’s only one way that automation for direct selling companies streamlines business processes and improves sales performance.

Automation can function as a motivator for sales representatives

Direct selling businesses often utilize a ranking system for their distributors as incentives.

Once they reach a certain number of sales, they can be promoted to a higher rank, where they receive more benefits and rewards.

Utilizing an automation rule makes it possible for the system to recognize if a sales representative is close to achieving a certain rank and will notify them of how much they still need to sell.

This can be a great motivator for your sales representatives to take one more step and make one more sales pitch to achieve their goals.

Automation can speed up distributors’ decision-making processes

In business, time is money.

If sales representatives take too much time calculating or browsing through layers of information before they can make a good decision on anything, it’s an inefficient waste of time.

Automation for direct selling companies can help by displaying relevant data on an onscreen dashboard for distributors so they get a complete picture of what they need to know right away.

Think about it.

Whether it’s the company or a customer wanting to know which product suits them best, an automated platform that allows the distributor almost instant access to relevant information will help speed up the decision-making process.

This is good news for both the company, which has hundreds—if not thousands—of distributors to manage and the customer, who probably has other things to do besides waiting for a sales representative to decide what product to recommend.


Automation for direct selling companies is especially beneficial because it fits their business model, which involves managing many individual distributors who are essentially doing the same thing.

Automating processes will ease some of the burden for the distributors and the company itself.

It will attract more partners, especially if the automation system is easy to use, like Krato’s direct selling app. You might just be surprised how automation can take your direct selling company to the next level.