Stay Ahead of The Game in Direct Selling


If you’re reading this article, you are probably in the direct selling business and want to know more about how you can amp up your game.

The Direct Selling Association reports that there are over 10,000 direct selling companies in the world and around 5,000 people join these networking companies every day.

That’s a lot of tough competition.

So how do you stay ahead in the game?

Direct Selling Then and Now

Direct selling has thrived in the 19th and 20th centuries in the US and many other parts of the world and has helped improve the quality of life for a lot of people.

One of the oldest direct selling companies is Avon, which started in 1886.

For many years, personal contact arrangements and one-on-one demonstrations have worked. But with the rise of technology in the digital age, direct selling companies now face the threat of e-commerce giants like Amazon. Anyone can buy any product online without any human interaction.

The challenge now is how to use technology to build and maintain a loyal fanbase while still meeting the goals of direct selling.

Direct Selling: Using New Technology, Marketing Strategy, and More

Use technology to your advantage

Technology, when used wisely, can work to your advantage.

Instead of relying on phone calls and text messages to interact with your consumers, you can now use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other apps to become more efficient in scheduling appointments, reaching out to more consumers, and automating other daily operations. These apps have more features than you can imagine. There’s Facebook Live and more.

Next, set up a website where consumers can get to know more about the company and its products.

However, if you want to beat the competition, it is not enough to have websites.

You also have to keep up with the current trends. For example, websites used to load with Flash, but now it isn’t that efficient anymore. Stay updated!

We live in a digital world and without the tools currently widely used in the digital age, direct selling might not be as efficient as it once was.

Strategic content

Once you have your social media platforms and your website set up, you need to think about content.

In reaching out to your consumers, you need to make sure that whatever content you have is relevant to them. It has to be worthwhile to both the seller and the customer. It should be personal.

Identify products with real social challenges

Technology isn’t the only way you stay ahead of the game.

It all boils down to how reputable direct selling companies present themselves.

The whole idea of direct selling is to create a loyal base of customers who will patronize your business and use your products.

According to a report by Forbes, in 2015, Elite Daily conducted a Millennial Consumer Study and found that millennials are actually capable of brand loyalty. The key is to find a link between the product and a group’s real social challenges. That way, direct selling companies’ products become more relevant to the times.