5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Not Dead for Direct Selling Companies


There are tons of new and existing platforms today and that diversity means more opportunities to sell products.

Endorsements from Instagram influencers are paving the way for lots of buzz and product popularity. Aggressive marketing strategies and ad campaigns are increasing sales.

You may wonder if blogs are still useful for your direct selling company. Or perhaps, they’re not necessary anymore. Do people ever read blogs anymore?

Is blogging needed for direct selling companies?

The short answer is yes. We recommend you consider having a blog established for your company or specific product lines. But how can a blog help your product or even your distributors?

Here are five reasons why blogging is essential to direct selling.

  • Blogging is critical to marketing your products.

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations indicates that cosmetics, personal care, and wellness products have the top global sales by product category. Blogs are a great platform to elaborate on the strengths of such products. You can deliver on your website the strengths of each, but only in a limited way.

  • Blogging creates credibility.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, people need multiple sources and voices to believe the credibility of a product. And they need to hear it at least three to five times.

Sure, you probably have a website for your products. Or maybe your products have a presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, but adding a blog helps you to highlight even more. And your distributors will find it easier to introduce products if they have a strong online voice.

  • Blogging gives your product a voice.

And this is where interesting, relevant, and high-quality blog posts come into play.

Blogs serve as a platform for informative and eye-catching content. It will also give you many opportunities to share different aspects of your product and company. The experiences of your satisfied customers, your company values, and what makes your product unique are important features to write about.

  • Blogging will help you connect with your audience

In a survey on marketing organizations, 52% said that blogs are critical to marketing success.

This is followed only by email newsletters and social media content at 40%. Such figures indicate that blogs play a big role in the success of your products. And with blogs, you have the platform to engage customers in a more meaningful way compared with that in social media.

Which leads us to the last but most important point, and that is…

  • Blogging drives sales

Your main goal for blogging is to provide useful content to your readers. Second goals is to get found by search engines. High-quality, search engine optimized posts will lead you to customers who are interested. In fact, optimized leads have a 14.6% close rate. This is far more effective than just 1.7% from print advertising.

Blogging is still relevant for direct selling

Direct selling companies will benefit today more than ever from creating a blog. This creates a sense of community and gives a friendly atmosphere that your customers will surely appreciate. Blogs that are credible, well updated, and have high-quality content will do wonders for your company and your products.