Why Direct Selling Companies Need Content Marketing


Direct selling is a business model that is built upon person-to-person interactions to sell products. This is an interesting concept right now to many because one-to-many online marketing is currently dominating across industries.

Forbes mentions that direct sales companies are at a paradox — while the process relies on personal connections, those who do not connect with online users can miss out on millions of customers. And given that the industry’s growth has decreased compared to previous years, owners and marketers need to step up their game and command a strong online presence.

Indeed, it’s no longer enough to promote direct sales products during get-togethers and parties; shifting towards the online space can move your business forward.

Why Direct Selling Companies Need Content Marketing

Executing an online marketing strategy is a requisite part of any business now.

However, for many direct selling companies, this only includes social media marketing.

While sites like Facebook open up your business to the broadest audience both in the US and globally, focusing on social media alone may not be enough. You won’t be able to capture those who are searching for your products or services on Google. Worse, social media posts may begin to fatigue your target audience when seen too many times.

Enter content marketing. With this approach, you are able to build an audience by publishing and spreading consistent content that educates and inspires your target consumers.

It’s a fitting strategy; after all, direct selling has its roots in building a loyal customer base that knows and trusts you. By establishing a connection with online readers based on mutual interests, needs, and goals, you are no longer a “stranger” to them and they can begin to place their trust in the brand. Once that happens, they are more likely to purchase your products.

And content marketing produces results. HubSpot reports that companies that publish at least 16 blog posts each month generated over four times more leads than companies that had fewer or no monthly posts. Aside from that, one in ten blog posts are compounding — organic search increases their traffic over time.

Content Marketing: Blogging Tips for Direct Selling Companies

Understanding the impact of blogging on your bottom line is one thing; trying to think of what to write about is another. Most people assume that topics should just be about the products or how to join the company.

But that might be akin to introducing yourself to a visitor and immediately hitting them with, “Buy my products!” or, “Join my team!”

You may want to steer clear of that. What you can publish instead is content that’s informative, fresh, and relevant for your audience.

Here are some types of blogging content you can consider:

Product benefits

Promoting wellness products?

Instead of going directly to the benefits of using that specific product, discuss different health findings or research about its components. For example, write an in-depth post about probiotics. Or share the latest on the importance of clean eating. Publish content that’s evergreen and will give readers new knowledge about your industry.   

Strategies on how distributors can build their business

Direct selling companies belong to all sorts of niches such as wellness, beauty and cosmetics, home products, and more. And there will be industry-specific techniques on how to boost sales for distributors. A blog post about this will be helpful for many distributors looking to enhance their sales tactics.

Interview with top leaders

People are always interested in what makes successful leaders tick, and writing about an interview with one can give readers insight into a leader’s personality and views. This type of content can inspire direct selling distributors and consumers alike to stay loyal to the brand.

Recipes for your products

What better way to engage consumers and distributors than by sharing creative ways to use your products? You can publish unique recipes, on-the-go techniques, and other features that will show readers the value of your products for their day-to-day lifestyle.

Wrap Up

In the digital landscape, content is king. A blog is one of the most powerful ways you can cultivate your unique brand to a loyal following. Remember these blogging tips for direct selling companies to bolster online marketing efforts and engage both new and existing customers.