Are Your Distributors Innovating Faster Than Your Company?


If your distributors replace their phones every two years, does that mean you have to replace your website technology every two years?

If the answer is no, keep reading:

Amazon can deliver a product within hours of receiving the order, but duplicating that velocity in Direct Sales is a tough chore. The good thing about direct sales is we have the power of social selling.

Customers can be a little forgiving if they don’t get their product in a few hours, but they won’t forgive a bad online experience.

When customers order from their phones or tablets, they expect zero issues.

When they buy from you they want the same experience as buying from a big retailer – like Amazon® or Target®.

They are willing to replace their current brands to buy from you – so you can’t afford to disappoint them.

If your website crash when they are buying or signing up new distributors,
they will reconsider their decision. And many will leave.

You might not be able to deliver a product in a few hours, but you can
compete by having the best user experience possible.

As a direct sales company you can’t allow your distributors to innovate faster than you.

If your distributors change their phone every two years, your marketing and
technology teams should already have deployed a new interface for the upcoming technology. It may be scary, but with the correct technology team you can be nimble and win.

What can you do…

Quick Changes You Can Make NOW

Make your website responsive: The word responsive does not mean to provide live chat (even though it’s a great idea) it means that your website displays correctly on any device, computer, smart phones or tablets.

With this option, you create a better user experience.

Why is this important?

Growth in mobile app for direct sales mobile app

Mobile stats important for direct sales mobile app


Distributors are replacing computers with smart phones and tables every day. And they are building their business from their cell phones, your best bet is to provide them access to the top toolsets on your site. If they are going mobile, then you need to go mobile now.

Social Media Integration: Allow them to connect their social media profiles on their replicated site.

Provide content that your distributors can easily share on those profiles. This is critical. Only a handful of direct sales companies provide content to their distributors and they are winning big. 

If you provide easy to share content to your distributors, they will enthusiastically post it for the world to see, which is win-win situation. Your distributors win because they grow their business through new sales and sponsoring opportunities, and you win because all the content that is being distributed, is content consistent with your brand and approved by you.

Changes Your Have To Make If You Want to Innovate Faster Than Your Distributors 

Create your own app. Yes, a direct sales mobile app. 

You may think this is challenging if you don’t have a team, but it’s a necessity in today’s business climate. Utilizing a partner like Krato ( can help any size company launch a mobile app to help grow their company.

An app where your distributors can sponsor new people.

An app where your distributors can place orders.

An app that allows you to innovate faster than your distributors.

If you are worried that your current compensation engine provider won’t allow you to create your own app, check out Krato ( They have helped companies just like yours create their own direct sales mobile app and innovate faster than the field.