How to Grow Your Company Exponentially and Why Most Direct Sales Companies Grow Linear


In direct sales, 1+1 should not equal 2.

In direct sales, 1+1 can be 4 or 10 or 100.

I witnessed exponential growth when my company hit 33 million dollars in revenue in my second year, that’s when I noticed that every detail matters.

One of the biggest factors in growing exponentially is the ability to onboard new members.

Look at this example:

Mary is a seasoned distributor and she enrolls Paul, who has never been involved in direct selling. With Mary’s help, Paul sponsors three new people into the business who might not understand how to explain the business to their prospects.

Because Mary is a go getter, she opens a new line of business with Madison, who has experience and knows how to build a network marketing organization and Mary focuses 99% of her time on Madison’s team.

What happens to Paul and his organization?

First, if you don’t have a good on boarding process, his organization will fail.

Second, your company will only grow in a linear fashion because only those distributors with business building experience will succeed.

If you want to grow exponentially, your company has to allow people with or without experience in direct sales to build their businesses.

The crucial aspect to grow exponentially is:

“Onboard New Members”

3 Areas To Focus

1. Action Plan

Your distributors should have a specific action plan. Easy to follow and simple to understand.

What activities or tasks should the new distributor be doing in the first 24 hours?
If it’s making a contact list, how should they make a list?
Once they have the list, how should they contact those people?
Include scripts, text or emails. Make it simple.

Even though direct sales is a support business, you should present the action plan as if the new enrollee doesn’t have a sponsor on their side.

2. Business Kit

The sooner you ship the business kit, the better. Your business kit is one of the first interactions between your company and your new distributors. You can’t afford to disappoint them.

Include a welcome letter, business tools, business guides, catalogues and don’t forget the action plan.

3. Communication

This is critical. Plan to have constant communication with your new distributor – especially when they have just joined the company.

Send them a welcome email or an app notification.
Communicate the action plan.
Connect the distributors with your selling system (weekly calls, live presentations, events)
Provide branded content for them to share in social media. Make it simple to share. If it’s simple, anybody can do it.

This may sound like a hard task, but with a proven marketing automation system, you can accomplish a superb on boarding process.

If you can help a new distributor achieve a meaningful goal in the first 72 hours, she’s more likely to stay in the business for the long term.

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