Smart Mobile Solutions For Direct Selling Companies


As a direct selling company, you want to be ahead of the market when it comes to innovation of new technology. Distributors get discouraged when their company fails to supply new technology and toolsets to achieve their needs.

Here are some smart mobile solutions you can implement for your direct selling company and distributors.


Mobile Friendly (Responsive Design)

A Requirement For Direct Sales?

You bet it is.

Google did a study and found non-mobile friendly websites costs your business money.

friendly sites for direct selling companies

Pay close attention, because if your website is not optimize for mobile devices, you might be losing more money than you think.

Responsive designs and mobile friendly websites mean you’re providing an optimal viewing experience for your visitors – easy reading an navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling across various devices (think: smart phones, tablets, computers.)

Imagine Mary, a new distributor trying to place to place an order from your non-mobile friendly website using her smartphone.

She finds it too difficult to make a purchase and decides to put it off.

What are the possibilities that she comes back? We don’t know.

Let suppose that she comes back, but now, instead of making the order by herself, she calls the company which means that she’s now using human resources to make a simple purchase. A purchase she would’ve made if the website was easy and simple to use from her smartphone.

The story doesn’t end here.

Mary hears at a company convention that some of her team members are having issues placing orders using their tablets and smartphones. Mary shares with them that the way to overcome this challenge is to just call the company. It’s the fastest way to make a purchase. Don’t use your phone.

At this moment, you will have a wide range of distributors calling the company’s customer support line to place orders instead of using the power and leverage of technology.

If your company continues to grow, you will have to hire more customer support just to help distributors to place orders over the phone because your website is not mobile friendly. Real story.

Another Smart Mobile Solution for Direct Selling you can implement right now…and that almost nobody is using…

Branded Content

We can write a book on this subject and the importance of why you have to start doing it right now, but we will just share one golden nugget out of simplicity.

Social Media Matters In Direct Selling

Most of your distributors have a social media profile with Facebook, Instagram, or both. You have to help them maximize their profile.


If every morning you give your distributors the task to write and publish good content on their social media profile, 1% of your distributors might follow through.

What happens to the 99% that won’t do it?

They are not writers. They have to manage their business. Do follow ups. And maybe it’s too hard to ask them to come up with the content by themselves.


What would happen if every morning you provide branded content for them and the only thing they have to do is click a button that says ‘share’?

How many will do it?

I guarantee, a huge percentage will click the share button.

Not only that, you are opening the door for your distributors when they are presenting the company.

This is important.

When 10,000 distributors are sharing your content, they are reaching thousands of people daily which helps your companies brand.

When a prospect sees the name of your company the first time, its’ nothing, when they see it a second time, a third, a fourth, a fifth time, now they start to pay more attention. If a distributor approaches this prospect it might go something like this:

“I heard about that company on facebook”
“Funny thing, I just saw that product on my Facebook wall”
“I’ve been watching all the testimonials on the web, this product might work”

This is the most elegant and smart mobile solution you can provide to your distributors in this precise moment. The sooner you start the better.

If you are curious on how to implement a smart mobile solution for your company, click here to see how Krato can help you.