The Engagement Loophole How Companies Use Engagement to Grow Their Reach


Many marketers focus just on the numbers while growing their company’s online followers and fans. While there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing this aspect of marketing, it shouldn’t be the total focus of their work. Online marketers often fail to use and maximize the one metric that can generate mobs of loyal supporters.

That metric is engagement.

If you successfully use engagement in direct selling – or any other industry for that matter – it can boost your brand awareness by about 300%.

Focusing on engagement is prioritizing what matters. It means you don’t just chase the numbers. Instead, you learn and implement effective audience engagement. And typically, that involves quality over quantity.

Below are two tips on how successful companies use engagement to widen their reach. Implement them to ensure valuable engagement in your direct selling business.

Know Where Your Target Market Is

As a marketer, the strategic key is to know the preferences, wants, and needs of your target market. This is the only way you can tailor your content to attract as many viewers as possible and keep them engaged to stay on your site as long as possible.

Think about this for a second…

In general, you choose your favorite sports teams based on where you live, your hometown.

Also, in many ways, your favorite food is decided by your culture or upbringing. So, it’s logical too that your communication method has a lot to do with your lifestyle, your preferences, and your choices.

Even though social media has drastically changed the way we communicate, our personal and cultural preferences remain the same. As such, the key to implementing a successful engagement strategy is to find out WHERE your target market is and HOW they communicate.

Social communication is not one-size-fits-all, but there are standards to gauge your engagement success.

Match the tone of your content to best fit your audience as well as your preferred platform in order to make successful connections with your target market.

Know the Content Your Market Needs and Wants

Effective engagement in direct selling comes down to providing the wants and needs of your target audience. You need to have the answers to their questions. You must also have an insight into what appeals to them the most.

Right now, for most industries, the Internet is already a saturated environment. It’s a cutthroat battle to gain the upper hand to get your brand noticed by your target audience.

So, it’s doubly important to use the current web landscape to work for your brand.

Do your due diligence; look for gaps that you can fill with valuable content. The more insightful content you give to your audience, the more likely they’ll see your brand as a trusted resource.

At this point, content replay is no longer enough. You wouldn’t want to be that brand that recycles information. You don’t just want to recap what everyone else is saying. Strive for originality. If the topic is already well-discussed and documented, present it from a fresh angle. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Look at things from their perspective. Imagine what they want to know, and deliver it.

Engagement in direct selling is a two-way street. Companies that successfully implement engagement to widen their reach understand the metric loop. Listen and respond to your audience’s conversations to better anticipate what they need and incorporate insights gained when you are generating your own content.