Seasoned Hiring Tips Direct Selling Companies


Whether you are a new or an experienced direct selling company there’s a moment where you will need to hire more people to accelerate your growth or to remove a current bottleneck.

Finding the right team member is a challenge.

In direct selling it’s even more challenging to add new members who have experience in the industry.

Inexperienced companies hire people from the most common places, Craigslist, Monster, CareerBuilding to name a few. Finding a candidate in those sites is fine if the position requires minimal knowledge in the industry.

If the position (CEO, COO, VP, etc.) requires experience and knowledge in the direct selling, you’re better off using an executive search company.

Here’s why:

Attract Candidates, Not Applicants

The services of an executive placement agency will attract candidates rather than applicants.

These people are job-seekers who come pre-screened and already meet all of your standards.

According to a report from talentnow, 62% of employers and 86% of recruiters feel that the job market is candidate-driven. Unlike applicants, these candidates are worthy of consideration from the start.

Instead of reviewing 100 applicants with broad experience, you might get 3-5 candidates who fit your criteria. Time is everything when you are looking to fill a demanding position.

Farther Reach

Many in-house HR and recruitment teams can only get the word out about the job opening to an extent.

There is difficulty in hiring new executives to enter your roster of employees. This is because expert executives who are truly dedicated to their job are hard to find.

An executive search agency won’t just post advertisements on online classified ads. They will go above and beyond to ensure you get the right person.

Expertise from Years in the Business

Many firms practice getting new hires who are fresh out of college. Companies would then need to spend valuable resources on training young professionals from the ground up. Your business can gain years of experience with less effort and time by bringing in an experienced executive.

Equipped with a more advanced skill set, your new executive sales professional will help you identify new business opportunities, maintain client relationships, and sell products and services.

Risk Reduction

You need your HR team to pick the right person. Do it wrong and the fresh employee might put the company at risk. That person may be too inexperienced or have difficulty adapting to the new industry.

An executive placement agency can save you some of that trouble. The recruiting firm will determine the right candidate for you. Suitable candidates require careful inspection, so you can be sure that your new hire will possess the right set of skills to fit your business model.

Experienced Connections

An experienced executive brings not only her years of experience but her connections she’s nurtured over the years. This is really valuable. A simple connection can help you get a better % with a new merchant account. Or you can find a new shipping provider who can send your products twice as fast for the same price.

Hiring an executive search agency is a great advantage for direct selling companies who are looking to go to the next level.

Guest post by
Sean Eggert.
Hanna Shea CEO