How to Create a Compelling Onboarding Journey for Your Direct Selling Company


Creating a compelling onboarding journey for your direct selling company can be a tricky endeavor. If you get the process wrong, you can wind up losing the very people you worked so hard to attract to the business. This can increase your costs and undermine your business model.

In this post, we’ve put together some of the things that your onboarding sequence should include. By the end, you should have a much better idea of how onboarding distributors for your business should work.

Help Them Accomplish Small Tasks in Seconds or Minutes

Assigning tasks to distributors shouldn’t be a complex process. If it is, then you could miss out on opportunities to capture people’s attention and create processes that run smoothly.

A quality process should break down jobs into small chunks that last a few seconds or minutes. Distributors should be able to get started easily and know what they need to do from the outset with minimal input from you.

If they can complete a task with minimal effort, they can continue to move forward to reach their goals.

Which of these two tasks do you think can be completed by your distributors?

Task 1: Click here and share the following image on your social media.


Task 2: Compose a handwritten invitation to a meeting for a friend.

Which is more likely to be completed more quickly?

The answer is the first task. When building tasks, it’s important that they help users gain the confidence to complete more complex tasks down the road. Think of it as taking baby steps.

Offer a Series of Training Videos, Each Building on the Last

It is also important to educate your distributors about your business model in a series of easy-to-understand steps. Many companies choose to use training videos. Each installment should build on the last, adding to your distributors’ expertise without overwhelming them.

What do we mean by this?

Instead of creating a 30-minute video on how to use an E-Wallet, you can cut the video into multiple smaller videos such as the following:

Video 1: Create your E-Wallet

Video 2: Update your username

Video 3: Update your bank account

Video 4: Transfer your funds

Video 5: Reporting

Training methods must not only educate but also reinforce the idea that it is worth your distributor’s time to invest in learning your business model.

Deploy Intuitive Quizzes to Reinforce New Material

Research indicates that people only remember around 20 percent of what they read—a surprisingly small amount.

Onboarding, therefore, demands that you not only educate distributors but also quiz them afterwards to consolidate what they’re learning. Your job is to make sure that the knowledge you shared sinks in; if you don’t, it could lead to frustration and lost opportunities.

The quizzes should be designed to reinforce learning, not to confuse the distributor. See the two examples below:

Quiz 1: What is a fast-start bonus?

Option A: A commission received when you sign up a personal distributor with any of the starter packs.

Option B: When you drive on the freeway.

Option C: When you run for food.

Quiz 2: Is it possible to activate a member as a distributor in the third leg?

Option A: Yes, but only if a member has been a distributor for 2 consecutive months.

Option B: Maybe, if he achieves a consecutive rank within the month.

Option C: Yes, when done within the first 14 days of enrollment.

Which one do you think can help a distributor obtain more knowledge about your company?

Reinforce knowledge whenever possible.

Make the Onboarding Process Easy to Follow AND Recognize Success Along the Way

It should be clear to the people distributing your products what they need to do next to attain a new rank. For this reason, providing a simple step-by-step sequence is essential.

You need to take people through a series of intuitive, user-friendly stages and offer help and tips along the way; it is absolutely critical.

Finally, you should recognize distributors’ success as a standard part of the onboarding process. Prizes, rewards for high performance, and thanking people for all their hard work should all be part of your strategy.

In summary, creating a robust onboarding journey for your direct selling company is relatively straightforward once you have the right tools in place.

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