4 Tips For Direct Selling Companies During and After COVID19


The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have thrown the business landscape into disarray. Across multiple industries, business owners have had to adapt, finding new operational methods and new ways to engage their target audience. This is devastatingly true for direct selling companies, who rely heavily on real world interactions, social circles and word of mouth to grow brands and promote products.

However, if you embrace these 4 tips, your direct selling company can thrive in the wake of the pandemic.

Go Remote

Many direct selling companies are coming to appreciate the freedoms and opportunities of the remote workplace. You can still have your physical offices. These are important and lend your business a sense of legitimacy and prestige.

However, if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start working remotely and implementing a remote working culture. This allows you to be more agile while also potentially cutting overhead costs. Plus, it frees you up to hire from different pools of talent from different parts of the country… and, indeed, the whole world.

Push notifications for direct selling companies

Tight communication with distributors is key to success in direct selling. Emails and text messages are all well and good, but their lack of urgency can lead to a lack of expediency and action. Sending push notifications for direct selling companies allows you to communicate your message clearly and ensure that your distributors take action. Push notifications can also be used to provide gentle reminders to customers about new products, deals and offers.

Online Recruiting Strategies

Your distributors are desperate for an opportunity to grow their own business (and yours by extension). They need to be able to operate their business without the need to be in front of a qualified prospect. Share online recruitment strategies with them and show them that they can thrive even in these troublesome times.

Gamify the process

Finally, customers and distributors are using their phones more than ever. The more fun and satisfying you make the purchase and sign up processes, the more value people will perceive in your brand. Now, more than ever, people are turning to games to give them satisfaction and fulfillment. Gamification strategies can make customers and distributors happier, giving them a sense of achievement and positivity which they’ll associate with you!