The Holiday Season! – Is It Different in Direct Selling Industry?


The holiday season is something that most people look forward to. It’s a busy season for everyone, and it is especially busy for businesses because this is the time when consumers spend the most. From treating themselves to treating their loved ones, almost everyone feels the urge to splurge and end the year on a merry note.

According to the National Retail Federation, sales during the holiday season represent about 20% of most businesses’ annual retail sales. It’s the perfect time for you to level up your marketing and introduce holiday offers to guarantee an increase in sales. Don’t forget—the season of giving is also the season of buying. Make sure it’s your season of selling, as well!

Make the Most of the Holidays for Your Direct Selling Company

Maximize your brand’s potential by making offers to customers and distributors. Exceptional offers. You are competing with all the retailers out there, and you have to make sure that your promos and offers are the best in the market without de-valuating your products and services (more on this later).

Eliminate your competitors by attracting customers with promotions that give them value for their money. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about the things that would make you buy your products. Make offers that will help your distributors gain new customers and keep their existing ones buying.

Invest early in customers without expecting an immediate return. This is critical for a direct selling company. It is the perfect time to test this concept and see if it will work for your business in the long run. A long-term goal for your business is always a good investment.

An avalanche of new customers can help your company gain new momentum. New blood in the business almost always bring positive results. 

Conceptualize the Best Offers

Direct selling thrives on good relationships with customers. It is essential to let customers feel that you value them and that you are committed to providing them with the best service. Providing them with offers that answer their needs is a good way to make them feel important.

There are many factors involved in conceptualizing the best offers to retain your existing customers and attract new business. Here are some that you should consider:

  • Providing offers that focus on motivating your loyal customers to keep coming back
  • Focusing on attracting new customers
  • Encouraging customers to buy in bulk or purchasing “family deals”
  • Giving your customers the option to buy your products as gifts to their loved ones
  • Motivating your distributors to sell more by setting up sales incentives
  • Promoting new product lines
  • Producing special “holidays only” items (this is huge).
  • Giving out specialized merchandise that promotes your brand

Take note that while it is important to keep your business growing and widen your reach, it is just as important to keep your loyal customers happy. Direct selling grows by word of mouth, and if you make your customers feel valued, they are sure to recommend your business to people they know.

Don’t Let the Season Pass You By

The holiday season is quick to come and go. One minute it’s Halloween, and before you know it, it’s New Year’s Eve. This is the most vital season for all businesses, and it is the best time to explore and expand your business opportunities. Everyone will be on some buying craze, and they are sure to grab a good offer when they see one. Seize the moment and don’t neglect to cash in on this wonderful opportunity.