Why You Should Give Your Distributors a Mobile App


When it comes to reaching the largest amount of users, mobile is the new king. 

With customers relying more and more on mobile, it’s increasingly important for businesses to include mobile strategies in business planning. This means being mobile friendly and finding the right way to reach smartphone users.

Research from 2019 by Hosting Facts shows that mobile users spend roughly five hours a day on their phones, with 90% of that time spent using apps. 90% of the time! Pretty impressive huh?

This shows that apps are a great way to engage users with a big opportunity for businesses to reach consumers and increase sales through dedicated smartphone apps. 

Why should you invest in creating a distributors mobile app for your direct selling company?

The Advantages of a Direct Selling App

Here are the top advantages to making the mobile app plunge:

  1. Increased engagement with distributors. When you create a mobile app for your distributors, you’re investing in a direct way to easily and effectively engage with them. Communication becomes faster, as do transactions, updates, and more. Also, you are making it easy to do business with you. Why would they have to use their desktop when they are already using their phone? 
  2. Encourages other distributors to join. A mobile app shows your distributors that you care enough about them to invest in their convenience and ease. By doing so, you may also entice other distributors to sign up. If you do some quick research within new distributors, the question that always pops up once they join is, do you have an app?” 
  3. Brand building. Having an app for your distributors invites them to be more involved with your brand. This increases brand awareness and encourages loyalty. The accessibility within your company creates a positive vibe when they can use the app to see their products or anything related to their business. 
  4. Keeps up with the times. As much as you may not want to invest in building an app, there’s no denying it is an expectation for businesses to have one in 2019. 
  5. Makes everything easier. A mobile app will make everything easier—communications, transactions, and engagement. Depending on the app infrastructure, you can use it to send out information on the business, seasonal promotions, policy updates, and more.

The Disadvantages to a Direct Selling App?

The advantages of a direct selling app are evident, but are there any disadvantages? Here are some cons to consider when creating a mobile app.

  1. App development can be difficult. App development can be tricky, especially since you will need one that specifically fits for direct selling. Direct selling is a completely unique industry. A basic app won’t be enough for your distributors, they want all the bells and whistles. 
  2. It’s a big investment. App development can be expensive. The more complicated it is, the pricier it becomes. You can short cut this by using a custom app from a direct selling app provider. 
  3. Finding the right app developers. As a direct selling company, it’s a challenge to be able to create a sophisticated mobile app. Finding the right talent can prove difficult and costly. Your best bet is to purchase an existing, highly effective direct selling app like Krato so you can avoid the heavy lifting. 


Times are rapidly changing. If you want to keep up, you need to think ahead and make the necessary investments to future-proof your direct selling business. Investing in a direct selling app like Krato for your distributors will help you increase revenue and retention, and help you and your team handle multiple business processes with ease.