What to consider when building your Direct Selling Mobile App


We are fortunate to live in a time in which we can bend technology and mobile apps to fit our visions in business and commerce. There are so many options to choose from, so many variables to consider, and yet the needs of our Direct Selling Distributors are unique.

We know our Distributors need a mobile app, with companies seeing adoption rates in the high 90%, and we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. But, what we don’t always know which business processes and features our mobile app MUST have.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Fun, also known as Gamification

Games have existed for as long as we have. Whether for fun, training, or even survival, every one of us loves to partake in games. It’s just a natural part of life. So, take advantage of this concept in your training program by including elements used in games to encourage your desired behavior. Gamification for direct selling can include things like points, badges, quests, and other incentives that users love.

Are you new? Distributor Onboarding

Make it as easy as pressing the “getting started” button. Once that is done, we need to get the user onto their path as soon as possible. Forget about collecting a bunch of info at this point; give new users automation and a feeling of belonging.

Make it easy to get to, then navigate to, the learning content from your home page. Provide an easy to follow path so that the end user doesn’t have to overthink the decisions. Getting them started is the name of the game.

I live on my phone….Single Sign On (SSO) and Back Office API integration

When Direct Selling companies offer SSO and smooth Back Office integration, their direct selling mobile app becomes their most effective field engagement tool. Many Direct Selling companies report that over 90% of their Distributors exclusively use their mobile app to access their Back Office once SSO and Back Office integration is in place. This means that the vast majority of your sales reps will use your app heavily and keep coming back and consuming your messaging, training, prospecting, and other business-driving activities along the way.

SSO and Back Office integration give them one place to go for their portal to your company, and it becomes the only place.

What’s the 411? Business Intelligence

Dedicate some prime real estate within your app to the key KPI data that your Distributors need to see on a daily basis. You can push relevant, specific, time-sensitive information right to your Distributors’ fingertips. Direct Selling companies that offer Business Intelligence dashboards highlighting important data and KPIs are able to keep their teams informed while helping them focus on the best activities to grow their business.

I can’t hear you…Messaging and notifications

Direct Selling Distributors no longer want to pull info from your systems; they want you to intelligently push then the info they need. Your users are overwhelmed by your messaging along with that from all the other brands that orbit their lives. In your mobile app, you have the opportunity to consolidate your key messages with automated push notifications, calendaring, and in-app corporate messaging. No need to check your Junk folder!

That ONE thing

What is the BIG idea that our Distributors or customers would go wild for in the app? A single, lone function that is highly targeted and valuable will keep them coming back all on its own. That ONE thing could be any of the functionalities listed above, but it could also be a piece of emerging technology, such as shoppable videos or a strategic sales process like sampling. The key is to find the ONE thing and keep them coming back. Think of it as a loss leader in the grocery business. The Distributor comes for the ONE thing but stays for all the other important functionality, like your training, prospecting, corporate messaging, and community building.


The best way to achieve good results when creating your Direct Selling company’s mobile app is to think carefully about the core features you want to provide, how you will deliver them in a frictionless way, and how you can evaluate the functionalities that will actually drive new sign-ups and revenue.