Proven Strategies to Boost Social Media Impact


An engaged following means you have an audience who knows and trusts you. That is the core of what helps successful content marketers boost their sales. Engaging your target audience through social media is a perfect way to build a solid following for your brand.

Here are some time-tested social media engagement tactics to help grow your social media presence.

  • Schedule your social media posts to reach a bigger audience.

Timing is important if you want to boost your social media presence.  Each network has specific times of the day when users are most active. Be sure to schedule your posts at the optimal times, so you have a better chance of engaging your followers.

  • Increase shares by using emotional headlines.

Most businesses share a lot on social media, and it can be a struggle to set your brand apart from the rest. How do you stay unique?

You can increase your social media traffic by writing emotional headlines. These types of headlines will catch your readers’ eye because they are very useful, relatable, and easy to understand. To help you get started, here are three great headline formulas that typically perform well with readers.

  1. What Is the Best (Subject) that Will (Produce Desirable Results)?
  2. How to (Do Something) to (Experience Desired Result)
  3. (Number) Ways to (Do Something) to (Experience Desired Result)

Take note that the formulas have unlimited uses and can be easily adapted to any niche, product, or campaign. However, the important point is that how-to, questions, and list headlines usually get the most engagement on social media.

  • Do not be afraid to share old GOOD content.

If you have been on social media for a while now, you already know what your audience loves.

It’s possible that you have a content series or content theme that continues to perform well each time each piece is posted. That same top content is worth sharing again since it could also help you boost engagement.

Google Analytics is a tool you can use to get a better understanding of how content and traffic works. You’ll get an idea of which topics are interesting to your followers, so you can share them again.

  • Build your own community via Facebook Groups.

Facebook lets you connect with more users through its Groups option.

You can engage more effectively with your community if they are all in one group. It also makes tasks easier for you because you can get feedback on upcoming projects, ask questions, or even share content in just a few clicks.

Groups can be created within your current Facebook account. To the left of your newsfeed, just click on “Create Group.” Later, you can tweak the settings to make your Group secret, public, or closed — depending on the kind of community engagement you want. Additional admins can be selected to help you manage your group.

You can create groups for customers, distributors from different ranks, consultants who qualified for certain promotions, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Try these tips to boost your social media impact and let us know how it goes.